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WGSS481 syllabus

Spring 2022 ENGL150

Introduction to Film as Narrative

Some Specific Expectations and Requirements for This Class.

Attendance: More than three absences will lower your grade at least two degrees (e.g. from B to C+), one for each extra day. If you are absent more than six times, you will not pass the class. Absences up to six can be made up through doing special assignments arranged with me. No make-up work can be turned in for credit after Tuesday, April 26.

Readings: Read on the syllabus refers to readings you need to have completed before class. You may need to read assigned work earlier in order to complete your paper.

Film Viewing: Because of copyright laws, professors cannot attach links for you to watch films free. I am sorry this is the case! But I have provided you with information below to help you access the films as inexpensively as possible. If you have a DVD player you may want to invest in DVDs of the films. If you can watch films in the WSUV library you will find them on reserve for library use only (to allow all students access). Your laboratory work will be the time you spend watching films. This will be done at your own convenience but before scheduled discussion of the film in class.

Personal Electronics Usage: The use of personal electronics during class for any reason other than to find information to be shared in discussion or to take notes is prohibited. Consequently, if you are using personal electronics during class for any other reason, I will count you absent (with no make-up allowed) and if you are obviously distracting others, I will ask you to leave.

Political Issues: While some of the films we will watch are quite political, and often quite offensive to those who disagree with their politics, you are expected to discuss these films with academic decorum. By that I mean, do not use abusive language, racial or gender/sex slurs, or make sweeping biased statements about any group of people. But do feel free to criticize these aspects of the films in terms of their effectiveness at attracting/engaging their audience.

other class resources