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WGSS481 syllabus

Spring 2022 ENGL150

Introduction to Film as Narrative

Writing Assignments, Presentation and Grades.

Writing Assignments: You will be required to write 1 response (approximately 150-300 words) to each set of assigned readings and films, seven in all. In each of these responses, you will need to discuss an aspect of the assigned reading relevant to analyzing how the assigned film communicates an idea or creates a feeling. These responses cannot be revised and will not be accepted late except with my permission.

One 8 page paper is also required. It should make an interpretive argument about one or more of the assigned films. You are welcome to write about any film assigned. You are also not restricted to writing about films we will not yet have discussed when the paper is due. The paper must make appropriate reference to ideas/theories in the assigned textbook and supplementary online readings. You will be expected to discuss (not just mention) at least one of these ideas in relation to your thesis. If you know how to put your paper on the internet, you are very welcome to do so — some students prefer this as it allows them to incorporate film clips. Regardless, you also need to turn in a hardcopy of the paper, so I can mark problems and errors.

Late Work: Your grade will not be lowered if your paper is late. However, late work may not be returned in time for you to discuss the paper with me or a tutor or to do a revision by the revision due date and this may very negatively impact your grade. Absolutely no late papers will be accepted for a grade after Tuesday, April 26.

Revision: Revision is optional. Only the 8-page paper can be revised and your revision must be turned in by Thursday, April 7. No late revisions will be accepted. The revision grade will replace the previous grade. You must turn in the MARKED original with your revision, so please save the marked paper when it is returned to you. Failure to address all marked comments in the revision will result in no change of grade. I will be very happy to help you with the revision, just ask!

Notes on Revision:

Presentation: You will also be asked to give a ten minute presentation in which you compare the ways that two of the films deal with one particular problem of representation. This project can be multimedia or consist of you reading a paper aloud. You will also need to answer questions about the film(s) you present on. If you cannot speak in class for any reason, you may, by special permission from me, arrange to turn in a 5-6 page essay instead of doing a presentation.

Please refer to A Short Guide to Analyzing Film and Oral Presentations for more information on how to do these assignments.

Grading Rubric: You will be graded on a twelve point scale (A+=12, F=0). The 8 page paper will count as 1/3 of your grade, the presentation 1/3, and the average for the short writing assignments will count as 1/3. Participation can raise your grade one degree (e.g. from B+ to A-).

The first set of study questions will be graded primarily on content, but after the first set, failure to eliminate problems marked on the first set will lower the grade as much as one letter (e.g. A to B).

As with the study questions, the grade on the essay will primarily be determined by the content. In the case of essay, choice of an appropriate thesis, paragraph coherence, and support for claims will be most heavily weighted, but when grammar errors are so plentiful as to be distracting or to make it impossible to follow the argument, this will negatively impact the grade.

If you don't participate in class, you will not lose points, so long as you are present in the class and attentive. All graded work will have a grade on it when it is returned to you. If at any point you are confused about what your grade is, you can ask me, and I will tell you.

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