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HUM304 syllabus

Spring 2023 ENGL488

Victorian Literature

Some Specific Expectations and Requirements for This Class

Mask Policy: If the State of Washington does not have a mask mandate during the time period of this class, then please keep in mind that other students may have serious health concerns and vulnerable family members. If you choose not to mask, as is your right, then please accommodate the needs of others by avoiding close contact with masked students and with the professor.

Attendance: More than three absences will lower your grade at least two degrees (e.g. from B to C+), one degree for each extra day. If you are absent more than six times, you will not pass the class. Absences up to six can be made up through doing special assignments arranged with me. However, no make-up work can be turned in for credit or to excuse absences after Tuesday, April 25.

Participation: Because the class is discussion-based, you will be expected to bring to each class notes you have made on the assigned readings and to answer questions about them. Consistently contributing substantively to class will raise your grade one degree.

other class resources