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ENGL488 syllabus

Spring 2023 HUM304

Humanities in the Modern World:
Racializations and Resistance

Class Meetings and Office Hours

Class meetings: Jan. 10 — Apr. 27, VMMC 214, Tuesday/Thursday 10:35-11:50.

Professor: Carol Siegel.

Office hours: VMMC 202S, Tuesday/Thursday 1:00-2:00 and by appointment.

Phones: Office (360) 546-9641; Home (503) 226-4272 (leave a message).

e-mail: siegel@wsu.edu

Catalog Description: [HUM] 304 Humanities in the Modern World 3 Literature, philosophy, art, architecture, film, music since World War I; major works reflecting influential movements and concerns of the modern world. Typically offered Fall.

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other class resources