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ENGL150 syllabus

Spring 2022 WGSS481

Feminist Theory

Some Specific Expectations and Requirements for This Class.

Attendance: More than three absences will lower your grade at least two degrees (e.g. from B to C+), one for each extra day. Some absences can be made up through doing special assignments arranged with me. No make-up work can be turned in for credit after Tuesday, April 26.

Readings: Read on the syllabus refers to readings you need to have completed before class. You may need to read assigned work earlier in order to complete your papers.

Personal Electronics Usage: The use of personal electronics during class for any reason other than to find information to be shared in discussion or to take notes is prohibited. Consequently, if you are using personal electronics during class for any other reason, I will count you absent (with no make-up allowed) and if you are obviously distracting others, I will ask you to leave.

Participation Note: Feminism is political, and we will be dealing with many topics that people have strong feelings about. You will be expected to behave with courtesy toward everyone present. Do not say hostile or abusive things to others with whom you disagree. Do not be disruptive. Do not make statements that indicate bias against any specific group because of their race, gender identification, sexuality, economic status, or any similar thing. It is okay, and may even be necessary, to express strong disagreement, however. Just do it in a way that fosters dialogue not shouting matches.

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